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Loveless: Redemption

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 Grab the Popcorn, This'll Take a While

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PostSubject: Grab the Popcorn, This'll Take a While   Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:44 am

Here are the rules, and they aren't that difficult.  Good luck, and welcome to the forum!
1. We are semi-literate and up. Meaning use spell check, use proper grammar and punctuation, and don't use numbers and symbols in place of letters or punctuation. We are not a chat, and all posts resembling those found in chats will be modified or deleted. The length is up to you, and we all make typos and mistakes, but this is asking you to try your best.

2. All posts, images, names, etc. on this site are subject to modification or deletion without warning should they break the rules. Using loop holes isn't excused either. If it's improper, it's gone. These rules are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to stay informed of the current rules. Accounts are user-activated, so there are NO EXCUSES. If you have questions, PM a member of the Mod Team (when there are mods and other admins) (All the admins and mods are called the Mod Team when spoke of collectively, fyi). End your PM with this line: I will not disobey these rules.

3. One-line posts are okay, but keep in mind that longer posts (re: more descriptive, detailed posts) are easier to reply to and more likely to ensure the continuation of a thread. If you post your character speaking in another language (anything but English falls under this) place a translation at the bottom of your post (We're too lazy to use the handy translator! Plus it'd be considerate for the members on mobile phones).

4. Forumotion has its own rules that we must abide:
@fire wrote:

Any forum containing the following elements and/or behaviours will be deleted without further notice :
Sexual and/or pornographic content
Hateful or abusive content
Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other illicit substance
Copyright infringment / hacking
Spam / phishing and/ or malware website
Credit card fraud

Place any in character sexual content or any other violent graphic material in spoiler tags, with NC+17 at the top of your message and in the RP section of your side of the forum. Since Forumotion does not allow sexual or overly graphic content on their sites to be visible to everyone, we must keep it private to everyone except members of this forum. The term NC+17 means no one under the age of seventeen admitted. It serves as a clear warning to users who do not wish to view such material.

When should a spoiler be marked as NC-17+?
Any time the role playing becomes mature. Kissing and/or mild, flirtatious behavior is not considered mature. Anything that involves touching in inappropriate areas, any type of smex (oral, anal, vaginal, etc), the use of provocative smex toys (bondage, whips, etc) and all other posts dealing with such acts will be considered mature and must be marked NC-17+. Please note that torture, mutilation, and such also need to be in the NC-17+ spoiler! Basically in movie terms, if it's over PG-13, put it in the spoiler so we don't get in trouble. If you do not mark your spoilers appropriately, you will be warned once. On the second time, you will be suspended for 7 days and on the third time, banned from the forum.
(credit for the NC+17 information and rule: Loveless: Redemption)

5. You must fill out a profile in order to begin rping your character. You are not allowed to post outside of the OOC area and your character profile until it is approved. Any other posts will be cause for immediate rejection. You will need to post a profile in the pending area. It will be approved or you will be asked to change something (edit and let a member of the Mod Team know). After approval you can post. You are allowed multiple characters per account, so just one account per person! [color=#6699ff]The title for your Rules PM is "popcorn".

6. The In Character (IC) sections is labeled as The "Town" and Guest House, and it is for characters and RP only. The Welcome Mat is for OOC (out of character) use, but limited character action allowed in the Creative Corner and Welcome areas. The Create section is for OOC only. Don't take OOC knowledge and conversations and turn them IC. And don't take anything IC personally - it's between the characters, not you and the other Creator(s), okay?). Any character actions in the Creative Corner and Welcome areas do not count toward what happens in RP. If you cross IC&OOC, it is cause for suspension of the account for seven(7) days. If it occurs again, it's immediate deletion. You will need to PM every member of the Mod Team this message: I have read the rules and understand them, and I will follow them. I will refer back to these rules if I have questions.

7. We follow a post pattern, meaning that if Character A posts, then P, then A, and then N joins the thread, the order will go: A, N, P (P, A, N, or N, P, A...same pattern). If you wish to continue the thread after a period of fourteen(14) days of silence on part of an involved character, then it is acceptable to skip them (also acceptable if they ask to be skipped). If a participant has posted in the MIA area and asked for a thread suspension, the thread will be suspended until it is reopened by request (This will not count against you if it makes you stuck).

9. When your character leaves a thread, post the fact at the bottom! Ex: [Juliette has left the playground and gone to class] Please link to your new location! It's easier to follow. Also, post a character path and keep it updated! This makes it easy to see how a storyline or character has progressed. Your character can be in up to 3 threads at any one time and it is your duty to keep the timeline straight in your character path post. You will be watched to ensure that no one character is in more than three threads. If we find that such has occurred your character will be forcibly removed from the thread and your limit will be reduced to two.

10. Don't forget to label your threads properly; this will decide who joins you, when the thread is closed, etc. (Ex: "Always Open" "Open" "Closed" "PM Only"). When a thread is completed, let a member of the Mod Team know and they will lock it.

11. No one is above the rules. Period. If there is an issue bring it to the attention of a member of the Mod Team (if it's with a Mod or Admin, PM this account). If there is a problem with another player, WORK IT OUT! Use the golden rule: Treat others how you wish to be treated. If you are being harassed, do not hesitate to bring it to our attention. As for face claims, unless you draw it, you don't own it. Posting one is simply you asking for modifications to be made (different from yours if you've made any) if they choose to use that face claim as well. That is the beginning, middle, and end. It will not become an issue or you will be impolitely asked to leave. Congratulations on making it this far - you don't have much more to go!

Good luck, and welcome to the forum!

There's no place to run.
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Grab the Popcorn, This'll Take a While
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